Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy utilises creative processes such as visual art, sand play, music, and movement for the purpose of improving or enhancing your physical, psychological, and emotional health and well-being.


Art Therapy can help individuals of all ages and abilities to find relief from overwhelming emotions, gain insights into themselves or their 


current situation, or as a tool for seld awareness, relaxation, and mindfulness.

By using creative activities to externalise your thoughts and emotions you are able to 'see' them from a different perspective and address them directly.

The best part is you do not need any previous art experience to participate in Art Therapy, as you will be guided through the process by your therapist.


Therapy Services:
Individual Art Therapy Councelling (50 min session)                                                                                                                                     appointment-button-large

Sand Tray Therapy (50 min session)

Group Art Therapy Programs (2 hours, max. 6 people)

Creative Art Workshops (1-2 hour workshop)

Creative Confidence Kids Program 
(1 hr p/wk for school term, max. 5 students per group)