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  1. Tax Season Tip: Open A Mortgage Offset Account


    The 1st of July is fast approaching and it brings with it the dreaded, yet inevitable tax season.  From the July 1st, we all begin to prepare income taxes, to get them in before the October 31st deadline (15th May if you lodge through a tax agent). Within this time frame, it is important that you organize your finances to ensure that you maximize your return and claim all the benefits to which you are entitled.  Unfortunately, many people do not take advantage of the tax-reducing strategies that are available to them. As an example, homeowners are not familiar with one of most effective strategy available to help you reduce your taxes?


    The Benefits of opening a Mortgage Offset Account

    The most effective strategy available to homeowners, to reduce their tax burden. Also known as a Home Loan Offset Account, this strategy will not only help you save on your taxes, but it will decrease the total length of your mortgage loan.  For example, let's assume that you have $10,000 sitting in a standard savings account. Although this amount does earn you interest, you must pay income tax on this interest amount, significantly reducing the amount earned. If however, you place the same $10,000 savings into a Mortgage Offset Account, this amount will be deducted from the remaining balance owing on your mortgage loan. So, if you have a $200,000 mortgage with $10,000 in your offset account, you will only pay interest on $190,000.   By applying this proven method, you not only save some income tax, but more importantly, you create a long term money saving approach to your finances.  Tax and financial professionals such as Moroney & Associates can provide advice on setting up the best type of offset account for your particular needs and help you create an effective long-term tax reducing and money saving plan. 


    To help you prepare for tax time, here are some tax preparation tips to help you ease the stress of filing your returns.


    • Take an honest look at your entire financial picture. If you are truthful to yourself about your finances, it will be easier for you to make the necessary changes to help improve them.
    • Reducing your tax burden and increasing your savings should become a year round priority. Create healthy habits, and don’t spend money on needless things.
    • File your taxes on time.  This piece of advice is critical to help you develop a healthy approach to your finances and will help you reduce your financial stress.


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  2. The Therapeutic Art Program has been developed as an introduction to the processes and benefits of using art as therapy.

    What is ART THERAPY, in simple terms it is using art making as a tool to promote healling and increase general wellbeing.  Sometimes words are not enough to escribe the way we feel or express the intensity of our emotions, this is where Art Therapy can help.

    By using various art mediums such as pastels, paints and clay Art Therapists guide clients through specfic art making processes designed for self-discovery and healing.  It can be enjoyable, rewarding and effective way to explore emotions, thoughts and sensitive issues.  Art Therapy can assist in healing by reducing stress, clearing the mind and helping to relieve anxiety and depression.

    All Round Wellness has a 5 week program begining on Saturday 30th of July 2016.  There will be 2 classes, 1 in the morning between 10am to 12 noon, and a afternoon class will be 2pm to 4pm


    Please phone us for more details