Psychology & Counselling


In times past, it was generally thought that only someone who was "crazy", or someone who had a "nervous breakdown", had reason to see a Psychologist. These days, psychologists still treat serious mental health disorder, but they also provide services for other reasons as well.

freedom of mindMany of us today feel lost and empty in a world that moves so fast and is so focussed on superficiality adn getting ahead!  In fact, a healthy, meaningful, and valued llife should be the core of everyone's daily life.   Anyone can benefit from psychological services that enhance and maintain physical, emotional and mental health, and promote meaningful and valued living.

Although many people get professional help for personal problems, it can be hard to get started, to recognize when you or your loved ones need help. 

A problem does not have to be overwhelming or a crisis for you to benefit from psychological help. You may need to talk to a psychologist to analyse and understand the problem, to develop healthy strategies, and to make the changes you need to make.

Don't wait to be overwhelmed:  Waiting may cause needless suffering and result in a problem getting worse over time.

Your doctor can refer you to see us today, and can assist you with medicare rebate eligibility by completing a GP Mental Health Care Plan for you to bring to your first appointment with your referral letter.  

For more information or to make your appointment today, call our friendly office staff on (08) 9583 5945 or simply contact us today.